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VIRUS creeping on facebook

OHH MY G..!!~~
I dnt knw wht happens at fb..but it freak u knw..damn.~
1 by 1 virus coming..huh..
recently is this ..NEW VIRUS AT FB! The virus spread through IM where it started with chat.." hi. how are you? " ..thn u reply in chat,it'll send"Wanna laugh?:)" again it would send back "It is you on the video?)) Want to see?) " after tht,it'll sent 1 LINK & tht link is a VIRUS..u ask thm back 'Tht it virus?'answer...There are no viruses there....!!!

then many more..
so hot.

new FLOOD..dnt u knw?

extually it's like this.. mny cmmt like this..u happens on u wall??..
so b aware..!!~~take note about this..dnt take it as small matter..

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