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This volume contains three stories:

Chapter 1) $10
As childhood friends, Haruna Ippei and Takimoto Eiji have always been together. But in their 17th summer, when Eiji finally starts to realize his own feelings towards Ippei, Ippei says that that he may have gotten a girl pregnant.

Chapter 2) Lizard Tail

Chapter 3-4) The Kind & Beautiful You
Masimichi Agawa is being released from the hospital with serious trauma to his left leg. Handicapped by his injury in a bar fight, Masimichi's future brother-in-law, Suguru Matsunaga, assists in his recovery. The injury forces Masamichi to give up everything he had been working toward - a place of his own and an acting career. Suguru's dedication to help Masimichi brings these men close together. Perhaps too close.

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Vanessa said... [Reply to comment]

why do i see the front cover looked like total yaoi?

Moon Robi said... [Reply to comment]

Yup, first they together n be such a yaoi . But one of them feels that they cn't b together anymore coz he like a girl . U should read dear ! huhu

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