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Make Multi Coloum

Many peoples dnt knw wht it's . So now I'll show to u .

- Log in > Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML
- Find this code :   

- Put this code B4  

div.TabView div.Tabs{height: 24px;overflow: hidden;}div.TabView div.Tabs a{float: left;display: block;width: 90px; text-align: center;height: 24px;padding-top: 3px;vertical-align: middle;border: 1px solid #000;border-bottom-width: 0;text-decoration: none;font-family: "Times New Roman", Serif;font-weight: 900;color: #000;}div.TabView div.Tabs a:hover, div.TabView div.Tabs a.Active{background-color: #FF9900;}div.TabView div.Pages{clear: both;border: 1px solid #6E6E6E;overflow: hidden;background-color: #FF9900;}div.TabView div.Pages div.Page{height: 100%;padding: 0px;overflow: hidden;}div.TabView div.Pages div.Page div.Pad{padding: 3px 5px;}

RED code - Width of the main menu box
BLUE code - Height of the box main menu
GREEN code - Border color of the main menu
PURPLE code - Main menu font color
DARK RED code - The main menu background color
ORANGE code - Border color of the main box
YELLOW code - Background colour of the main box

*u can change code colour HERE
Put this code B4 


<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

- SAVE !

- Dashboard > design > Add a Gadget > HTML j.s

Put this code : 

<form action="tabview.html" method="get"><div class="TabView" id="TabView"><div class="Tabs" style="width: 350px;"><a>Title menu 1</a><a>Title menu 2</a><a>Title menu 3</a></div><div class="Pages" style="width: 350px; height: 250px;">
<div class="Page"><div class="Pad">Link 1 di menu 1 <br />Link 2 di menu 1 <br />Link 3 d1 menu 1 <br /></div></div>
<div class="Page"><div class="Pad">Link 1 di menu 2 <br />Link 2 di menu 2 <br />Link 3 d1 menu 2 <br /></div></div>
<div class="Page"><div class="Pad">Link 1 di menu 3 <br />Link 2 di menu 3 <br />Link 3 d1 menu 3 <br /></div></div>                     

<script type="text/javascript">tabview_initialize('TabView');</script>

GREEN code - Ur menu title
BLUE code - Width and height of multi-column menu
RED code - The content of your menu

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