Harap maaf, shoutbox di blog ini lambat load :).

Otaku !!!

Hellop, yeahhh I'm OTAKU .
I like comic so fucking much k .
so I'll help u all(otaku) to find link or blog of others otaku k .
We cn exchange link ^^, huhu  .
I swear I'll do blog Just only for otaku !!!!!!
I'm not 'mangaka' but I try to b mangaka . hehe
This jst intoduction n I put some pix !

Have of my collection n my drawing ! ENJOY beb !

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Nur Fazirah said... [Reply to comment]

OMD (oh mak datuk!) :D
cantik gila lukisan..
really love it..
I can see a lot of comics too.. warggghh!!!! :D
BTW, I'm also want to be an Otaku :P

Moon Robi said... [Reply to comment]

really,that good dear . :) anyway thk darl .

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